Over 100,000 Pre-Orders Already In For Taeyeon’s “Why”

2016-06-26 23:59:02 2016-06-26 23:59:47

The hours are counting down for Taeyeon’s second mini album release, and already fans have purchased an impressive number of the album. As of late morning June 27, the pre-purchase count for “Why” was over 102,000.

In addition to the title track “Why,” Taeyeon’s second mini contains the pre-release track “Starlight” featuring Dean — which has already topped charts — and the dance track “Up & Down,” which features Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon on rap.

The album is overall an adventurous one, with songs of varying genres for Taeyeon to explore, including  80s-style pop, EDM, and more.

“Why” is scheduled to drop midnight, June 28, with a countdown live broadcast on Naver V app at 11 p.m. tonight.

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