Ryu Jun Yeol Shares Proof Shot Of Refrigerator From JYJ’s Junsu

2016-06-26 13:07:44 2016-06-26 13:07:44

It looks like the refrigerator that JYJ’s Kim Junsu mentioned in a press conference earlier in June has arrived at Ryu Jun Yeol’s place!

On June 26, their mutual label C-Jes Entertainment posted the proof shot onto the agency’s official Instagram with the caption, “A kimchi refrigerator that [Ryu Jun Yeol] received for getting a perfect score on XIA’s quiz. Refrigerator, rely on me….! A beef party with the kimchi [from this refrigerator]? You in??!”

Kim Junsu in a previous live radio broadcast had called labelmate Ryu Jun Yeol and given him a quiz over the phone. After he answered correctly, Kim Junsu had promised to gift him with a kimchi refrigerator.

What a generous gift!

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