GFRIEND Confirms Comeback Date And Details

2016-06-28 20:34:25 2016-06-28 20:34:25

With fans anticipating the group’s comeback, GFRIEND has confirmed their official comeback date!

GFRIEND released two teaser images through their various social media accounts. The images feature the group’s name in English and Korean. While blurry, it appears as though some flowers can be seen in the images.

Furthermore, their Instagram posts include the information “#GFRIEND #Sowon #Yerin #Eunha #Yuju #SinB #Uhmji #1stAlbum #LOL #lotsoflove #laughingoutloud #20160711.”

It appears as though the group will be coming back with their first studio album and “LOL,” “Lots of Love,” and “Laughing Out Loud” could be potential album or track names. Furthermore, their comeback date will be July 11, 2016.

Check out the images below!


Are you excited for their comeback?