Kim Shin Young Addresses Having Lost Popularity In Comedy After Losing Weight

2016-07-16 18:46:28 2016-07-16 18:46:28

Comedienne Kim Shin Young talked about how losing weight has affected her life.

On the recent episode of “Ask Us Anything” on July 16, Kim Shin Young came as a guest and confessed that she has lost that image she had as a comedian ever since losing weight.

Kim Shin Young Ask Us Anything 2

When asked how she feels about it, she said, “I gained health instead.”

She explained, “I may have lost my ‘character’ through dieting but I do not regret losing weight. I was suffering from various illnesses back then so I went to the doctors. The doctor said to imagine how I will be after 10 years. He even said that I may not be in this world in 10 years and it completely shocked me. Even if I can turn back time, I would lose weight again.”

Kim Shin Young Ask Us Anything 3

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