Yoo Jae Suk Opens Up About Home Life And Relationship With Son

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On the July 17 episode of SBS variety show “Running Man,” Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Jae Suk have a heart to heart talking about home life and their children.

Kim Hee Ae asks Yoo Jae Suk, “Doesn’t [your wife] announcer Na Kyung Eun have any complaints since her husband is so busy?”

Yoo Jae Suk replies, “It’s not quite a complaint, but she is disappointed when we can’t go on vacation.” He also says he has a good relationship with his son, despite his busy schedule.

“You must give your all during the short time you see [your son],” Kim Hee Ae says.

Yoo Jae Suk explains, “I don’t go anywhere else. After filming is over, I go back home immediately and play with [my son].”

Yoo Jae Suk

“I have two sons who were born within a year of each other, and their puberty phase has been really rough. It’s so hard,” Kim Hee Ae shares.

“I never thought raising a child would be so hard. I really view mothers highly. I didn’t know kids go through that many diapers,” Yoo Jae Suk says.

You can catch this episode of “Running Man” on Viki below!

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1096432v-running-man-episode-308

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