8 Dramas We Can’t Believe Are Over 10 Years Old

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It seems that every time I am watching a new drama, I am hearing critics rave that this one is “timeless” and will be remembered by many years down the road. Who knows, maybe 10 years from now on, I will be writing an article with the same exact prompt but it will be about “Descendants of the Sun” or “My Love From the Star.” But here in the now, this list we have put together are some of the greatest hits from back in the day and truthfully, it’s hard to believe that it has already been 10+ years since their release.


“Goong” was the perfect hybrid of past and present where modern school girl Chae Kyung  (Yoon Eun Hye) meets Prince Shin (Joo Ji Hoon) in an alternate Korea where the country is still ruled by a monarchy and an imperial family. This drama has just the amount of evil plotting mothers, cute school boys, and an incredibly slow budding romance to top it all off. Their famous street kiss scene is still one of the most romantic things a guy could do to a girl and has found its way to many couples’ bucket lists over the past decade. Watch the scene below!


In the summer of 2005, we were all blessed by the drama “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon” for many reasons. We were not only introduced to Hyun Bin who went on to become a huge star in the industry, but we were also introduced to a new type of love line that includes a younger man and older woman, or more commonly known as a “noona romance.” “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon” is witty, funny, bold, and romantic. The sock test by blood type is something that still remains popularly used by viewers. 

Smiling Pasta

This Taiwanese drama’s release dates back to July 2006, exactly ten years ago, and finished in November of that year. It is a classic tale of worlds colliding and opposites attracting. What makes “Smiling Pasta” stand out is the amazing soundtrack featuring the main male lead, Nicholas Teo. If his soulful voice doesn’t convince you to watch, then maybe his co-star who plays his bad boy brother is more your vibe. 

snow queen
“Snow Queen” is exactly what you can perceive from the title. The story strongly follows a female lead whose heart is cold as ice and slowly melts due to, surprise surprise, the male lead! But of course, the mystery lies in why these characters are the way they are. Not only does the cast exhibit frozen personalities, they do not look like they have aged a day and are frozen in appearances. Sung Yuri and Hyun Bin look exactly the same now than when they starred in this drama in 2006. 

For those who claim to be a Taiwanese drama fan, this drama is definitely on their list of must watches. “Devil Beside You” exhibits several typical drama story lines embodied into one drama. Step siblings falling in love, bad boy captivates nice girl, and so much more. Not to mention, there’s quite a bit of basketball involved for sports lovers. Mike He is the epitome of a bad boy attracted to the innocent and Rainie Yang does a fabulous job as the female lead in all her innocence.

“Spring Waltz” is the final installment to director Yoon Seok Ho’s season-themed dramas. Following the releases of “Autumn in My Heart” in 2000, “Winter Sonata” in 2002, and “Summer Scent” in 2003, “Spring Waltz” released in the, surprise, spring of 2006 and included all the heart-wrenching elements seen in its predecessors. From childhood friends to lovers with haunting pasts, viewers must watch the two jump through numerous hoops only to be left with unanswered questions and an open-ended conclusion left to the audience’s interpretation. 

jewel in the palace
“Jewel in the Palace,” which is also ranked as the 10th highest rated K-drama of all time, making it really a national jewel, really drew on viewers from all over the world. The drama appeals to all age groups and not gonna lie, this is probably because no one can say no to food. Also, female empowerment is always needed in media and TV representation, which contributes to the legacy of the drama for over 12 years. 

it started with a kissLast, but not least, “It Started With a Kiss” is another classic that any avid Taiwanese drama fan would recommend. A forced meeting through family blossoms into an everlasting love from the two people you least expect it from. And before all these current actors were giving the cold shoulder on screen, Joe Cheng has had it mastered for over 10 years. Regardless of the drama’s age, this is a highly recommended drama for those school girls out there who wonder when their crush will notice them. It gives viewers hope and teaches girls to be strong and independent and to work hard for what you want.

Which of these decade old dramas have you watched? Let us know in the comments below!

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