iKON’s Bobby Has Heart-To-Heart With His Dad About Struggles Of Being A Musician

Bobby My Father And Me

iKON’s Bobby has opened up about his struggles with music to his dad.

On the recent episode of “My Father And Me” on July 28, Bobby has a one-on-one talk with his dad where he says, “I am satisfied with the fact that my single album is coming out.”

Bobby My Father And Me 2

He continues, “You can make your name known through an audition show. I won on ‘Show Me the Money’ but good songs need to continue coming out or else it will be the end of me and I will be forgotten.”

Bobby My Father And Me 3

Bobby points out, “Some artists do what they do to satisfy themselves, and some people do it to satisfy others. If someone asks me to choose between the two, I want to say that I’m doing this for myself.”

Bobby My Father And Me 4

To this, Bobby’s father comments, “I’m proud of him. It makes me proud. Seeing him like this, I feel like he has matured a lot.”

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