Ryu Hwa Young Compares Kissing Scenes With Han Seung Yeon And Lee Seung Gi

Ryu Hwa Young Han Seung Yeon

At a press conference for JTBC’s new drama “Age of Youth” on August 4, actress and former T-ara member Ryu Hwa Young compared her kiss scene with Han Seung Yeon to a previous kiss scene with Lee Seung Gi.

“In the movie ‘Love Forecast’ I had a kiss scene with Lee Seung Gi,” she said. “But I liked [my kiss scene with Han Seung Yeon] better.”

She added playfully, “It was more moist. I want there to be more in the future. It’s the start of a new ‘war romance.'”

Han Seung Yeon said, “When I started acting, I thought there might come a day when I had to kiss another actress. But I didn’t think it would happen so soon. Hwa Young played her part with a lot of force so it was easy to give the proper reaction. The director told us to make it longer, though.”

“Age of Youth” is about five college girls who share a house despite their differences in major, lifestyle, and dating styles.

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