Lee Jin Wook Gets Asked To Pay Compensation For Damages To Company

2016-08-25 01:44:48 2016-08-25 02:41:09

An inside source spoke with TV Report and revealed that outdoor clothing brand “B” is requesting compensation for damages from Lee Jin Wook.

The actor signed an exclusive spokesmodel contract with B earlier this year and received around 400 million won (approximately $358,000).

However, Lee Jin Wook was accused of sexual assault by “A” in July. The police concluded that the sexual relations between the actor and A were consensual and Lee Jin Wook was acquitted.

Due to the case Lee Jin Wook has been unable to resume activities including commercials. As a result of the sexual assault allegations, B had to remove all advertisements featuring the actor and discard footage that had already been filmed. Currently B has removed Lee Jin Wook as a spokesmodel and is moving forward with their actress spokesmodel.

Company B sent a receipt for all of the expenses incurred as a result of the recent events to Lee Jin Wook. The document declares that Lee Jin Wook has to pay B compensation for damages.

It is legally possible to request compensation for damages from a spokesmodel if a scandal occurs during the duration of a contract. Furthermore, this clause is included in his contract.

A source from B stated, “We have sent Lee Jin Wook a document requesting compensation for damages. We will make a settlement with Lee Jin Wook.”

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