Jessica Presses Charges Against Netizens For Malicious Comments

2016-08-29 00:07:24 2016-08-29 00:07:24

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica has sued netizens for derogatory comments.

On August 29, the Gangnam police station revealed that Jessica was offended by malicious postings on an Internet portal site, and has proceeded to sue two subscribers.

According to the police, the netizens that Jessica sued had been writing malicious comments about her looks and personality for five months. As a response, Jessica went to the police station in person to press charges. Jessica stated that the netizens were habitually releasing malicious comments that were crossing the line. This has led the police to begin investigating the charges.

Meanwhile, Jessica debuted as a solo artist with the title song “Fly,” and recently filmed a short film with Ki Hong Lee that will be released on YouTube.

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