WM Entertainment Provides Update On Oh My Girl Member JinE’s Anorexia

2016-08-30 19:59:06 2016-08-30 19:59:06

On August 31, a source from WM Entertainment commented on the welfare of Oh My Girl’s JinE who recently took a break from activities to focus on treatment for anorexia.

The source revealed, “JinE is currently resting and receiving treatment in Pohang where her parents reside. JinE is recovering her health with her parents taking care of her in her hometown. She is receiving outpatient treatment and is getting better. The agency is continually checking in on her condition.”

The source continued, “The agency is doing their best since her health is most important. [She] will be focusing on recovering.”

Revealing more information on her condition, the source stated, “JinE’s weight recently entered the lower 40kg [40kg is approximately 88 pounds) range. Previously, she was having an extremely hard time weighing less than 40kg. We hope that she will be able to return [after recovering].”

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