Gong Yoo Talks About The Potential For A Sequel To Hit Film “Train To Busan”

gong yoo

Box office hit “Train to Busan” left many film viewers hoping for more, and star Gong Yoo has talked about the potential for a sequel in a recent interview with Sports Chosun.

Gong Yoo jokes that after the film surpassed 10 million tickets sold, “Lately people just greet me with ‘Congrats on 10 million.’ It’s put a bigger weight on my shoulders.”


When asked if he would consider appearing in a sequel to “Train to Busan,” Gong Yoo says that actors tend to dream about starring in a series. He explains, “I talked about this with Director Yeon Sang Ho, and I said that I thought my character Seok Woo might be living somewhere as a zombie.”

“But Director Yeon said that when Seok Woo fell off the train, he broke his neck and died,” Gong Yoo says with a laugh. “But I suppose since Ma Dong Seok‘s character is living on as a zombie, they could do a sequel from his character’s perspective.”

Meanwhile, Yeon Sang Ho released an animated prequel to the film, entitled “Seoul Station,” in August.

Would you like to see a sequel to “Train to Busan”?

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