Watch: BTS And GFRIEND Show Support For Kim Joo Na’s Upcoming Solo Debut

2016-09-09 11:18:51 2016-09-09 11:49:33

BTS and GFRIEND show their support for former “Produce 101” contestant Kim Joo Na’s imminent solo debut.

On September 9, Kim Joo Na’s agency Music K Entertainment released videos that both groups recorded to share their excitement for Kim Joo Na’s debut.

In BTS’s video, Rap Monster says, “‘Produce 101’ alum Kim Joo Na is making her solo debut. We sincerely congratulate you and hope that just like your name Joo Na, you can give happiness to many people.”

In GFRIEND’s video, the girls take turns sharing their encouragement for Kim Joo Na, saying, “There were really a lot of fans waiting for Joo Na’s solo [debut], and as we are also fans who cheered on Joo Na in ‘Produce 101,’ we look forward to Joo Na’s solo activities.”

Kim Joo Na will make her solo debut on September 12 with “Summer Dream.”

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