ASTRO, SONAMOO, And SNUPER Transform Into Romantic Pokémon On “We Got Married”

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The September 10 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married” featured the first half of a Chuseok special featuring the show’s couples in a couples tournament.

In addition to Jo Se Ho and Cao Lu, Eric Nam and Solar, Jota and Kim Jin Kyung, comedians Yang Se Chan and Park Na Rae join the tournament as a temporary couple.

We Got Married

The first competition involves catching “Heartmons” which is a romantic parody of Pokémon Go. Similar to the mobile game, the couples need to catch Heartmons to win. Members of ASTRO, SONAMOO, and SNUPER transform into Heartmons for the game. Each member wears different t-shirts featuring photos of romantic poses that the couples need to take. The couple who takes the highest number of romantic photos within 30 minutes wins the game.


Some of the Heartmons wear balloons on their fronts and backs that need to be popped in order to capture the Heartmons. Other Heartmons can be captured by shooting green liquid at them. Capturing the Heartmons proves to be quite exhausting as the young idol members are pretty fast. Some members like ASTRO’s Rocky are able to get some extra screen time and get Yang Se Chan and Park Na Rae to copy their dance moves.

The competition isn’t over as it will continue on next week’s episode. The upcoming episode will also include cooking and singing competitions.

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