Leeteuk Says He Misses His Former “We Got Married” Wife Kang Sora

2016-09-17 06:29:15 2016-09-17 06:29:15

On September 17, MBC show “We Got Married” aired a Chuseok special where the couples participate in a “couple survival” event and compete against each other through several rounds.

During the episode, Park Mi Sun and Leeteuk act as MCs for the first round game. For the second round cooking showdown, cooking expert Lee Hye Jung joins the two MCs as a judge.

While the loving couples cook sweetly together, MC Leeteuk watches them enviously.

Before their dishes are evaluated, he states, “Sora, I miss you,” calling out to his other half of the “dimple couple” from when they were on the show until September 2012.

park mi sun lee hye jung super junior leeteuk

He reveals his friendship with actress Kang Sora is still going strong and says, “She and I still keep in touch nowadays.”

Catch the latest “We Got Married” episode on Viki below!

Do you miss the “dimple couple”?

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