Gong Yoo Talks Candidly About The Loneliness Of Being An Actor

2016-09-20 13:17:35 2016-09-20 13:17:35

Actor Gong Yoo recently sat down for an interview where he talked about the hugely successful year he’s had.

The actor has starred in three well-received films this year, beginning with the melodrama “A Man and A Woman” in February. After the huge popularity and critical acclaim of his summer blockbuster “Train to Busan,” he is currently starring on the big screen in the action thriller “The Age of Shadows,” which hit theaters on September 7.

“I’ve been lucky this year,” says Gong Yoo. “Although it’s been tiring, the reason I’m happy is that everything was 100 percent my choice. All three films were ones that I jumped at first because I wanted to do them.”

Gong Yoo comments, “I wonder if this isn’t the busiest and hottest time of my fifteen-year career as an actor. This kind of moment might never come again.” He laughs as he admits, “[I’m getting through it because] even though it’s difficult and tiring, I’m keeping in mind that this might never happen again.”

While talking about the talents and hard work of his co-star Song Kang Ho, Gong Yoo admits that he’s wondered if Song Kang Ho feels lonely and burdened by the weight on him.

When asked if he also feels that way, Gong Yoo replies honestly, “Although we’re always standing in front of the public and receiving their love, being an actor seems to be a lonely job. I’m getting through it wisely.” He adds, “I’m usually tough on myself, but sometimes I’ll say to myself, ‘You’ve done a good job getting through it all.'”

Gong Yoo will soon be appearing in the tvN drama “Goblin,” alongside Lee Dong Wook and Kim Go Eun. He laughs as he says, “I’m worried about a lot of things lately. But since it’s the first romantic-comedy I’ve done in a while, I want to do a good job. I want to show everyone something a little different.”

Are you excited to see Gong Yoo in the drama “Goblin” later this year?

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