“Weekly Idol” Releases Stills Of Jung Hyung Don’s Return With Apink

2016-09-21 23:40:58 2016-09-21 23:40:58

After previously leaving the show for health reasons, Jung Hyung Don is finally making his return to MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol.”

Although it had been a year since his departure, Jung Hyung Don was able to settle in, showing his perfect teamwork with Defconn.

Before the recording, Jung Hyung Don stated, “My mental health has improved a lot. I’ve reduced the amount of medicine intake. I couldn’t sleep because of the upcoming recording.”

According to the production team, Jung Hyung Don shared his feelings of making a comeback and also showed his latest gag on set, causing many to laugh.


The upcoming episode starring Apink will air on October 5, 6 p.m. KST.

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