BTS’s V And J-Hope Feature In Gorgeous New Concept Photos For “WINGS”

2016-09-30 08:04:57 2016-09-30 08:04:57

V and J-Hope are the latest members to feature in stunning concept photos for the group’s upcoming return!

BTS will be making a comeback on October 10 with their second full album, entitled “WINGS.” So far, we’ve been gifted with two sets of concept photos, the first featuring Jungkook and Rap Monster and the second featuring Jimin and Suga.

Enjoy J-Hope and V’s concept photos below!

v jhope jhope jhope 2 v 1 v 2

In addition to these concept photos, BTS has also shared a comeback trailer starring J-Hope, and short films for each member. Check out all the short films here: Jungkook’s “BEGIN,” Jimin’s “LIE,” V’s “STIGMA,” Suga’s “FIRST LOVE,” Rap Monster’s “REFLECTION,” J-Hope’s “MAMA,” and Jin’s “AWAKE.”

Are you loving the concept for “WINGS” so far?