Ailee Reveals How She Got To Collaborate With Yoon Mirae

2016-10-04 14:15:09 2016-10-04 14:20:21

Ailee recently revealed how she got Yoon Mirae to collaborate on her new title track, “Home.”

The singer held her comeback showcase on October 4 at the YES24 MUV Hall in Seoul. During the showcase, she said, “I met Yoon Mirae sunbaenim often at the broadcasting station and we exchanged contact information. I told her that there’s a song I’d always wanted to do with her and she said she would do it whenever I wanted.”

She continued, “Unfortunately, the original song I asked her to do wasn’t included on this album. I waited until I found a song that really suited sunbaenim‘s voice and contacted her. Even though I was in the car, I really went down on my knees when I asked her. Thankfully, she agreed to it willingly.”

Ailee made her comeback with her fourth EP “A New Empire” on October 5 at midnight KST.

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