Watch: MOBB Hits Up The Streets In “Run To You” Busking Video

2016-10-05 10:37:50 2016-10-05 10:37:50

Subunit MOBB (made up of WINNER’s Song Mino and iKON’s Bobby) recently performed on the streets of Hongdae in an impromptu concert called “Run to You.”

The┬ábusking event was held on September 28. Song Mino is worried at first because it’s a weekday, but Bobby says confidently, “Hey, hyung. We’re MOBB. We’re popular.”

Instead of a formal concert, they express the desire to just have a good time with their fans. Soon a huge crowd surrounds them at a small playground in the busy district.

They perform their title track “Hit Me” and prove that their fiery rapping skills don’t need a big stage and flashy effects to stir up the crowd.

Watch the busking video below!