NCT Dream Shows Off Impressive Hoverboarding Skills In “Chewing Gum” Performance Video

NCT Dream

Idol dances can be hard enough without the addition of props, but NCT Dream seamlessly pulls off a difficult task in their newest performance video for “Chewing Gum”!

The members integrate hoverboards into their energetic choreography in the video released on October 7. A daunting feat to say the least, NCT Dream not only make it seem easy to not only dance on a hoverboard, but also get on and off as they please with ease.

As expected, a lot of hard work and effort was put into making sure they could pull this off well. The young idols revealed in a V App broadcast held right before the video release that they practiced over 100 times just on hoverboards alone so they could put on a flawless performance.

Watch the eye-catching performance below!

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