Yang Hyun Suk Couldn’t Believe His Eyes When He Saw Sechs Kies’ Chart Performance

2016-10-07 06:19:48 2016-10-07 06:19:48

On October 7, Yang Hyun Suk sat down for an interview with Star News to talk about Sechs Kies’ comeback.

“There are so many singers making a comeback in October, but Sechs Kies’ first new song in 16 years got an all-kill on domestic charts,” he said. “I couldn’t believe my own eyes. It was really a miracle.”

He added, “A lot of Sechs Kies fans have been telling me that they’re grateful after Sechs Kies reunited, had a successful concert in September, and now have released new music. But I think that I should be more grateful to them for this chart performance. Thank you to all of the Sechs Kies fans.”

Sechs Kies released the single “Three Words” on October 7 and it reached No. 1 on MelOn, Genie, Olleh Music, Naver Music, Bugs, Mnet.com, Soribada, and Monkey3. It also ranked No. 1 on the Taiwanese iTunes Top Songs single chart.

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