Lee Hyori Considers Returning To Music Scene, In Discussion With An Agency

2016-10-12 19:05:38 2016-10-12 19:17:26

Lee Hyori might finally be returning!

On October 13, a source revealed that Lee Hyori had met with composer and producer Kim Hyung Seok, who is the president of Kiwi Media Group. The source revealed that the singer recently signed an official contract with plans to release a new album within the next year.

In response to the reports, Kiwi Media Group stated, “Kim Hyung Seok PD and Lee Hyori have known each other for a long time through collaborating on music together. It’s true that they recently had a discussion about creating music. However, there were no discussions on concrete plans for a comeback or exclusive contracts.”

Recent reports also revealed that Lee Hyori will be featuring on Uhm Jung Hwa’s upcoming album.

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