Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha Talks About Her Wedding And Marriage

2016-10-15 22:39:30 2016-10-15 22:41:41

Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha recently came back to Korea after getting married and having her honeymoon in Seychelles!

She met with Star News and shared her thoughts on her recent marriage. “Seychelles is really nice. We wanted to have a wedding with just the two of us, which is why we went there. We filmed our wedding and also had our honeymoon,” she explained.

She continued, saying, “We did the wedding our own way. There were tourists who saw us filming and congratulated us. A lot of unexpected things happened, which made it so enjoyable.

“We started seriously dating two years ago with the promise of marriage. We were friends at first, but we naturally started dating. We got to know each other by hanging out in a group with other friends. I think we implicitly promised that we would get married. We just naturally became husband and wife.”

Narsha also talked about her husband, saying, “Even when we were friends I felt that he was someone who I could learn from. He was more of an adult than I was, and I felt that I could respect him.”

Her husband spoke of Narsha, saying, “I felt that she was a lot different from her well-known ‘strong unni‘ image. She’s a heavenly woman who is kind and has a deep side. I also felt I had a lot of things to learn from her.”

When asked about kids, Narsha replied, “We don’t have any immediate plans for a child.”

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