Super Junior’s Donghae Writes Letter To Fans On His Birthday And Enlistment Anniversary

2016-10-15 11:41:54 2016-10-15 11:48:36

Super Junior member Donghae has shared an update for his fans as they wait for him to return from his army service!

Donghae uploaded a photo to his Instagram of a letter he wrote on his October 15 birthday, which was also the first anniversary of his enlistment.

He writes:

“ELF, you’re all doing well, right?

It’s Super Junior’s Donghae. Today is October 15, my birthday and also a year since I enlisted in the army. I’ll return to ELF!! Now that I think about it, it’s already been a year since I said goodbye and entered!! Each day, there are many moments when I get excited thinking about meeting you. When I first enlisted, I worried a lot because it was my first time doing these things, and was concerned about whether or not I could do a good job. But now I’ve reached the third rank so I think I’m doing very well!!

I feel very secure because of ELF’s love, so please don’t worry!! We’re going to meet again soon, so just wait a little bit more!! Don’t get sick!!

I’ll come back healthy.

I love you, ELF.”

생일&군입대 1년되는날 ELF에게…

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Donghae’s fellow member Kim Heechul commented on the post, “Wow, I can read Donghae’s handwriting. He’s made great strides.”

Donghae enlisted in the army for his mandatory military service October 15 of 2015. He is currently serving as a conscripted police officer, and it’s expected that he will be discharged in July of 2017.

We miss you, Donghae!