Watch: BTS’ Suga Responds To Fan Theory About His Hair Color Matching Their Album Covers

2016-10-15 13:28:06 2016-10-15 13:30:47

BTS member Suga has shared the true story behind the choices made about his hair color after a fan theory gained traction prior to the group’s recent comeback.

When Suga’s concept photos for BTS’s comeback with “WINGS” were released late last month, many fans pointed out that his hair color seemed to match their new album cover. Some fans commented on how Suga’s hair often appears to match the group’s album covers during their promotions, starting with the three parts of their “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” trilogy.

On October 15, 1theK uploaded a new video entitled “Ask In A Box – BTS,” which features the guys answering questions from fans. One of the fans asks Suga to confirm whether or not his hair color intentionally matches their albums.

“It’s not true!” says Suga. “For part one, it’s true that I wanted to do pink. For part two, I wasn’t originally intending to do that color.”

Later on, Suga is asked which hair color has been his favorite so far. “For me it’s black,” says Suga, and adds that his hair is currently his natural color. “The reason is that when you dye your hair, you have to keep touching up the roots.”

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“So it’s annoying?” asks Jimin, and Suga continues, “It’s so tiring! So I want to have black hair for a long time.”

Watch the full episode of BTS’s “Ask in a Box” below, with English subtitles.