Apink’s Son Naeun Cries After Hearing Encouraging Shouts From Fans

2016-10-16 23:02:03 2016-10-16 23:11:10

Apink recently expressed their feelings to the fans during a fan meeting.

During the fansign, Son Naeun is tasked with giving the closing speech. However, as she begins to speak, a fan encouragingly shouts, “Let’s last for a long, long time!” Other fans begin to join as they all say similar things. Hearing this, Naeun quietly says, “Yes,” and begins to turn around, confusing the other members.

As they find out she’s crying from the encouraging shouts, Jung Eun Ji comedically pretends to cry to show how touched she is, and the other members tear up as well. Member Nam Joo then explains that all the Apink members feel touched by the fans because it’s their last fan sign for their comeback. She also apologizes for not being able to make a comeback as often.

Watch the clip of the fansign below!

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