Red Velvet Graces The Cover Of Ceci Magazine With Timeless Beauty

2016-10-17 08:03:35 2016-10-17 08:03:35

Red Velvet sheds their bubbly image from “Russian Roulette” and takes on a more mature look on the cover of Ceci Magazine’s November edition.

Red Velvet 3

Almost as if they popped out of a story book, the members look stunning dressed in elaborate, floral-patterned outfits.

They give off a classy and charismatic vibe as they unabashedly gaze directly at the camera, while sitting in relaxed yet elegant poses.

Red Velvet

On one cover, they highlight their more mature sides with a slightly darker cherry theme, looking like noble ladies. In the other, Red Velvet’s doll-like appearance stands out with their lighter makeup and the more whimsical theme.

Red Velvet2

Which cover do you prefer?

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