S.E.S To Reunite For 20th Anniversary Project Backed By SM Entertainment

2016-10-17 13:32:27 2016-10-17 13:32:27

Holler if ya hear me, first generation K-Pop fans!

One of the original K-Pop girl groups, S.E.S, will be reuniting for a music project celebrating their 20th anniversary since debut.

S.E.S has over the past eight years reunited every anniversary to put on fundraisers for good causes. For their 20th anniversary, SM Entertainment, the agency S.E.S debuted under, will be backing their project.

“SM Entertainment is preparing on the production-end for S.E.S’s music release and concert. Please look forward to it,” SM Entertainment comments.

Member Bada also uploaded a few days ago a video featuring herself and the other two members of S.E.S, Eugene and Shoo, at a surprise 20th anniversary party. In the video, Eugene shares, “It’s so good to see you again. I think we will be releasing an album. If you have time, please also come out to our concert.”

Meanwhile, S.E.S debuted in 1997 and enjoyed sensational popularity until they officially disbanded in 2002.

Are you looking forward to S.E.S’s 20th anniversary project?

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