Watch: MONSTA X Drops Dramatic Performance Version Of “Fighter” MV

2016-10-20 07:00:17 2016-10-20 07:01:23

MONSTA X has gifted Monbebes with an intense choreography-focused version of their music video “Fighter”!

The seven-member group released “Fighter” earlier this month as part of their new album “The Clan 2.5 Part 2 Guilty,” and has been promoting the hard-hitting track ever since. They previously shared a dance practice video for fans last week, as well as a look at the shooting of their album jacket photos a few days ago.

On October 20, MONSTA X released a new performance version of “Fighter” via Naver’s V app. You can watch the performance version here!

Which do you like more: the original music video for “Fighter” or the performance version? Let us know in the comments!