Seo In Guk Reveals Thoughts On “Shopping King Louie” Gaining Popularity

2016-10-21 22:41:13 2016-10-21 23:28:06

Seo In Guk recently had an interview with Ilgan Sports to talk about the recent success of his drama “Shopping King Louie.”

The drama has been steadily rising in ratings and is gaining on its competitors. Along with the increase in the drama’s popularity, Seo In Guk is receiving recognition for being a romantic comedy king.

The actor shared his thoughts and said, “Whenever I feel that ‘Shopping King Louie’ is getting love from more people I feel very happy. Despite working hard and staying up all night, I gain strength when I think of how more and more people are starting to love our drama.”

He continued talking about how he feels like he’s growing just like how his character, Louie, grows after meeting Bok Shil. The actor further promised to return viewers’ love by working hard.

You can watch “Shopping King Louie” exclusively on Viki below!

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