Watch: INFINITE’s Sungjong Does A Perfect(ly Hilarious) Cover Of TWICE’s “Cheer Up”

2016-10-22 09:32:08 2016-10-22 09:32:08

It looks like all their brainstorming for “SNL Korea” paid off because INFINITE pulled out all the stops for their recent appearance on the show, including some hilarious crossdressing by member Sungjong!

On the October 22 episode, Sungjong acts in a skit that has him reenacting “Hit the Stage” as a contestant, complete in a cute stage outfit as TWICE. He does an impeccable performance of “Cheer Up,” perfectly executing the iconic choreography.

Once his performance is done, however, he is asked by the flabbergasted “judges” why he did not shaved his armpits, to which he responds, “Why does it matter? Feel! Isn’t it just enough if a girl has emotions?”

Check out the funny clip below!

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