Block B’s Park Kyung Officially Reveals Impressive IQ On “Problematic Men”

2016-10-23 08:44:08 2016-10-23 08:44:08

Block B’s Park Kyung announces the IQ score that admitted him into Mensa International on tvN’s “Problematic Men”!

During the October 23 episode of the show, the members congratulate him for being the first in the cast to be accepted by Mensa International, a non-profit organization open only to those who score within the top two percent of a standardized intelligence test.

Park Kyung spills, “There were 45 problems to be answered in 20 minutes. The results showed that I have an IQ of 156.”

block b park kyung 2

Wearing a white top with the letter Q on it, he jokes, “I wanted to brag about it so I wore this shirt with the initial written on it.”

When Park Kyung encourages the other members to take the test themselves, Kim Ji Suk strongly dismisses the idea. However, he starts asking, “But how many proctors were there? Are they in the front and the back?,” and causes the members to crack up at his subtle display of interest.

Upon his admission into Mensa International, Park Kyung joins the ranks of other Korean celebrities in the organization such as reporter Ryu Shi Hyun and announcer Han Joon Ho.

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