How Does TWICE Play In Their Dorm By Themselves?

2016-10-23 18:11:56 2016-10-23 18:13:03

An upcoming episode of the KBS 2TV show “Hello Counselor” will reveal some insights into what one of today’s hottest girl groups do in their free time!

TWICE are the guests on the October 24 episode of “Hello Counselor.” Before introducing them, Lee Young Ji and Kim Tae Joon break out into a rendition of TWICE’s iconic choreography of “Sha Sha Sha” before bringing Nayeon and Sana out. Nayeon and Sana then do the adorable original version of “Sha Sha Sha,” much to the delight of everyone on set.

Kim Tae Joon asks them what they are up to these days, to which Sana responds, “We turn on a mirror ball in our dorms and all get together and dance and sing and play.”

Meanwhile, TWICE returned with their album “TWICEcoaster: Lane 1” and achieved an all-kill upon the release of their title track “TT.” Watch their music video here!

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