Watch: MONSTA X Takes You Behind The Scenes Of Dramatic “Fighter” MV

2016-10-25 18:39:20 2016-10-25 18:39:20

Monbebes, are you ready for more MONSTA X?

On October 25, Starship Entertainment revealed a behind-the-scenes look into MONSTA X’s music video “Fighter.”

The video shows the members hard at work on the set of the music video but also takes time to show the goofy sides of the boys as well. In one scene, Kihyun jokingly complains about how he needs to act shocked when in actuality, he is just looking at a blank space. He smiles as he says he’ll imagine the Monbebes there instead of the empty space.

The boys joke and laugh off camera but instantly transform into their charismatic selves when the light flashes on the camera.

Check out the video below!

Meanwhile, MONSTA X released their fourth mini album entitled “The Clan 2.5 Part.2 Guilty” on October 4. Starship Entertainment has been releasing several videos of the group, including a dance practice video as well as a performance version of the music video.

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