Apink Members Do All They Can To Get Tak Jae Hoon To Laugh On “Star Show 360”

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Apink takes on the challenge of making Tak Jae Hoon laugh!

During a recording of an upcoming episode of MBC’s “Star Show 360,” Apink appears as a guest. They ask the production staff to participate as judges as they reveal, “We want to have a gag battle with Tak Jae Hoon. We want to make Tak Jae Hoon laugh.”

Then the members shout out requests for him to do if they succeed, saying, “If we make you laugh, please encourage us at a music broadcast show! Perform with us on stage!”

Apink is known for being an innocent idol group, but they let loose and try their best to get Tak Jae Hoon to laugh by imitating Kang Hye Jung, Choi Min Sik, Oh Dal Soo, Min Kyung Hoon, Lee Soon Jae, Na Moon Hee, and more!

Tak jae Hoon

In the end, Tak Jae Hoon is bombarded with so many imitations that he gets teary-eyed from laughing.

Meanwhile, “Star Show 360” airs on Mondays at 5:30 p.m. KST.

Watch the preview for Apink’s upcoming episode below!

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