B.A.P Reveals Comeback Album Cover, Teasers, And More Details

2016-10-27 18:28:23 2016-10-27 18:28:23

B.A.P is increasing anticipation with a new set of teaser images.

On October 28, TS Entertainment unveiled a group teaser image, the “NOIR” album cover image, and additional individual teaser images. The group photo features the members playing a game of poker while the album cover image is dark and features a silhouette.

B.A.P Noir cover image Bang Yong Guk Himchan


B.A.P Youngjae Jongup Zelo

Further details about their new album has been revealed as well. In addition to the regular album cover image, there will six individual member albums. This means there will be a total of seven different versions of the album. Furthermore, Bang Yong Guk himself designed the design for the regular album cover.

Their studio album will have a total of 13 songs which include vocal and rapper line unit tracks as well as song self-written by Jongup. B.A.P will make their comeback on November 7.

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