Han Dong Geun Opens Up About His Struggles With Epilepsy

2016-10-27 22:21:58 2016-10-27 22:21:58

Singer Han Dong Geun shares about the daily challenges of living with epilepsy, a chronic disorder that causes people to have recurring seizures.

On the October 27 episode of the KBS variety show “Happy Together,” Han Dong Geun opens up about his experiences.

The singer talks about when he collapsed the day he filmed for “King of Masked Singer” earlier in the year and says, “I have epilepsy. When I get stressed, I get tense and have an epileptic fit.”

He continues, “On the day of the filming, I collapsed on the floor of the bathroom. I don’t even remember the filming. It’s been three or four years since I’ve collapsed. The more this happens, the more damage it does to my brain cells. I have to keep taking medicine and manage it [and take care of my health].”

We hope he continues to stay healthy!

Check out the episode on Viki below:

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