Rainbow Shares Hopes Of Reuniting One Day In Touching Letter To Fans After News Of Disbandment

2016-10-29 08:46:11 2016-10-29 08:46:11

After the announcement of their disbandment on October 28, the members of Rainbow have written a letter to their fans and shared it on their Instagram accounts.

The letter was written by all seven members, and was uploaded as a photo that shows their hands, with their finger nails all painted in the colors of the rainbow.

rainbow letter

The letter reads as follows:

“Whenever we said the greeting, ‘Hello, Rainbow is here!’, it gave us strength and we were happy because we felt like we were sharing positive energy with you all. We achieved our dreams of being singers under DSP, and received love and support that we wouldn’t have received anywhere else after we became Rainbow. More important than that, we gained a family that is so precious to us.

Because of that, the word ‘disband’ in the articles that suddenly appeared yesterday made us heartbroken. Everyone, especially our Rainnous who have supported us, must have been very shocked and upset. Although our contracts as Rainbow have come to an end and so our official promotions under DSP are over, we are not disappearing. We will keep supporting each other just as we have in the past, and will be together with you all.

If we work hard individually, we believe that in the future there will be a day where we will be able to be together again. What’s so important about being in first place? Every moment we were together was so happy and precious. Thank you so much for making the past seven years the happiest time for us. We will keep waiting for the day when we can appear as a rainbow in your hearts once again. This has been Rainbow.”

Rainbow debuted in November 2009 under DSP as KARA’s sister group, and will be officially disbanding on November 13 when their contracts expire.

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