Watch: All Those Who Don’t Know TWICE Are In Trouble In Hilarious “SNL Korea” Short

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In the latest episode of “SNL Korea,” the cast members act in a hilarious short called “TWICE Sniper,” which depicts a world where not knowing TWICE has dire consequences.

The beginning starts off with a group of friends watching TWICE perform, and each friend comments on how great TWICE is. However, Jung Sang Hoon says, “I don’t get why people like TWICE. Nine members is too much. I wouldn’t even know it if one of them was gone.” Suddenly his friends look terrified and kick Jung Sang Hoon out of the house and warns him that someone is coming.

Jung Sang Hoon 1

Jung Sang Hoon then meets a fellow run-away, and the two try to get food at a convenience store while passing off as TWICE member Mina’s fans. The cash register lady cheerfully asks them when Mina’s birthday is. The fellow run-away then answers that Mina’s birthday is December 4, but the cash register lady corrects him and says December 4 is I.O.I member Mina’s birthday, and shoots him multiple times.

SNL Korea 3

Then Jung Sang Hoon finds his mom and tries to explain that a fat man is trying to kill him for badmouthing TWICE. However, his mom tells him that she’s not his real mom and pulls off a mask to reveal Kim Joon Hyun, who has been observing Jung Sang Hoon the whole time. Then he forces Jung Sang Hoon to dance along to TWICE’s “Cheer Up.” However, Jung Sang Hoon ends up dancing to SISTAR’s “Alone” instead, and Kim Joon Hyun orders his guards to capture him as Jung Sang Hoon yells, “I didn’t know it was SISTAR!”

SNL Korea 2

Watch the hilarious clips below!