Apink Promises To Stay Together Even In 10 Years’ Time

2016-10-31 10:19:32 2016-10-31 10:19:32

On October 31, Apink appeared on MBC Music’s “Star Show 360.” According to the girl group, it was their first time on a talk show with all six members.

In the episode, the girls talked about everything from maintaining their physique to ideal types. Jung Eun Ji picked Son Naeun as the member with the nicest body and said, “Everything about her is pretty.”

Hayoung described her ideal type as someone who is “wholesome, sings well, and is funny,” while host Tak Jae Hoon protested, “Where can you find someone like that?” Jung Eun Ji said the only thing that mattered was mutual liking, while Son Naeun confessed she admires “manliness,” which Tak Jae Hoon interpreted as liking bad boys.

jung eun ji

Tak Jae Hoon also asked the members where they thought they would be in 10 years. Jung Eun Ji answered, “10 years from now, even if we’re doing solo activities, we will still come together as Apink.”

park chorong

Leader Chorong said, “Now that we’re in our sixth year, we have a lot of juniors in the industry. I want to keep making good music and work hard at performing.” To her members she said, “Be healthy; I love you!”

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