VIXX Talks Next Concept Ideas And Possible Subunits

2016-10-31 13:19:56 2016-10-31 17:19:48

VIXX expresses their confidence in their ideas for comeback concepts.

On October 31 at the Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul, the boy group held a showcase event for their third mini-album “Kratos.”

While discussing their next concept during the showcase, N shares, “We even talked about doing a Tarzan concept. Concepts really come to us without [much effort]. They also come to us while reading comics or watching movies. That’s why we never feel like we’ve run out of ideas.”

He continued, “We often discuss new units among ourselves. VIXX LR has already started promoting, and all our members have many individual charms so I think there are various things we can do.”

Hyuk added, “There are many possible music genres, stage performances, and combination of members as well. Depending on those things, it can turn out differently, so we’re not worried.”

Meanwhile, VIXX is currently promoting “The Closer,” their refreshing title track with daring and sensual lyrics, polished electronic and synth sounds, and a smooth melody. “Kratos” consists of six tracks in total including “Desperate,” which N choreographed, and songs produced by Ravi and Leo.

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