Watch: BTS’s V Plays The Saxophone, Rap Monster Shares Plans For Their Performance, And More In “Star Show 360” Preview

2016-10-31 06:21:44 2016-10-31 06:23:34

BTS is next up on the new variety and talk show “Star Show 360”!

At the end of October 31’s episode of the show featuring Apink, the preview gives us a hint of what we can expect next week on BTS’s episode. V and Jungkook show off their impressions, with Jungkook’s impression getting a blank response from the others and host Tak Jae Hoon cracking up BTS by going over to him to jokingly check if he’s alright.

Host Leeteuk of Super Junior tries to ask Suga to do some aegyo, such as the famous “Gwiyomi” song, but Suga shoots it down expertly by saying it’s too outdated now. V announces that he’s going to play the saxophone for the first time on television, and Jimin says, “We’ve never seen this either!” We get a quick glimpse of his performance, which makes everyone burst into laughter.

Leeteuk also says to Rap Monster that he heard they had prepared an epic performance, and Rap Monster explains that they plan to use a 360-degree camera set-up to show even the members who are at the back during their dance.

BTS’s episode of “Star Show 360” will air on November 7 at 5:30 p.m. on MBC Every1 and MBC Music. Watch the preview below!