Watch: D.O. Aims For A More Positive, Bright Image In First Episode Of New Web Drama

2016-10-31 10:03:13 2016-10-31 10:03:13

EXO’s D.O.’s new web drama, “Positive Physique” (literal translation), has released its first episode!

On October 31, the lead actors D.O. (credited as Do Kyung Soo) and Chae Seo Jin as well as director Lee Byung Hun held a press conference ahead of the premiere. D.O. plays a film major who needs to ask his ex-girlfriend (Chae Seo Jin) to act in a short film he is producing.

Positive Physique

“This project was a big challenge for me,” D.O. said. “Until now, I’ve always portrayed characters with emotional scars who are hurting or sad.”

He continued, “Hwan Dong is a very bright and refreshing character. I worked hard to be able to portray him. This is also my first time trying romantic comedy, so I was worried, but the director and my co-stars helped me a lot.”

The director added that the web drama, which is sponsored by Samsung, is intended to be a melodrama about youth. “I wanted it to give a positive message to young people who are pursuing their dreams, so I changed the title to include the word ‘positive,'” he said.

The first episode aired on October 31 at 5 p.m. KST and will complete its six-episode run on November 4.

You can watch the first episode below! (Note: There are no English subtitles.)

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