Former MBLAQ Member Park Sang Hyun Releases Flower-Filled Teaser Images For Solo Album

2016-11-23 19:03:00 2016-11-28 23:01:23

Update on November 29 KST:

Park Sang Hyun has revealed more teaser images for his upcoming solo album release!

Park Sang Hyun

Update on November 28 KST:

Park Sang Hyun

On November 28, Park Sang Hyun’s agency Mystic Entertainment released a teaser image of the singer with the words “Coming Soon.”

Stay tuned for more updates!


Park Sang Hyun (formerly known as MBLAQ’s Thunder) is currently preparing for his solo album.

According to his agency Mystic Entertainment, “Park Sang Hyun is currently preparing to release his solo album, which will be released sometime in the middle of December. The album will be showing a different side of him that has not been seen before.”

The agency continued, saying, “Although we do have outlines for the title track as well as the follow-up tracks, we’re currently not at a stage where we can exactly reveal any details.” The agency then stated that there is a big chance for the title track to be a dance track.

Are you excited to see him return as a singer?

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