Kyuhyun Gets Excited Over Unique Choice Of Prizes For The Random Play Dance on “Weekly Idol”

2016-11-23 17:05:40 2016-11-23 17:05:40

Super Junior member Kyuhyun showed that he is not one for ordinary prizes on the recent episode of “Weekly Idol!”

On November 23, the talented ballad singer guested on “Weekly Idol” to promote his recently released third solo album “Waiting Still.” As the tradition goes on the show, he had to embark on the challenging random play dance, in which singers must dance immediately to randomly chosen clips from their songs.

For the first round, if he was able to successfully complete the challenge, the prize was picked to be wine. Kyuhyun was excited, revealing that he is a huge fan of wine and asked if the songs will be Super Junior songs. Although the hosts answered yes, the songs ended up being his solo tracks and under close scrutiny, he was unable to finish the first round.

For the second round, the prize was revealed to be virtual game money. Kyuhyun immediately perked up, clapping his hands and smiling instantly, saying, “I like game money more than wine!” He went on to describe the many events he’s been playing in his games in order to win the virtual money, proving that he is quite the gaming fiend. He brought the hosts to laughter as they stood amazed watching how seriously he took on the dance challenge in order to win the round.

Check out the clip from his random play dance here below!

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