Lee Hyori Signs Contract With New Agency And Reveals Plans For Comeback

2016-11-23 17:45:31 2016-11-23 17:52:29

Singer Lee Hyori is officially beginning to prepare for her comeback.

On November 24, Kiwi Media Group announced the news of her exclusive contract with the company, saying, “Recently, Lee Hyori signed an exclusive contract. She plans to release a comeback album sometime during the first half of next year.”

The agency then revealed that Kiwi Media Group’s CEO/songwriter, Kim Hyung Seok, personally went to Jeju Island and had a lot of discussions with the singer. “Lee Hyori is very ambitious, so she is thinking a lot about musical direction and attempting new things. The process for writing the songs has already begun,” the agency explained.

For her comeback, Lee Hyori will be working with the producer behind her hit song “10 Minutes,” and Kim Hyung Seok will also be participating in the writing.

This will be her first comeback since her fifth studio album “Monochrome,” which was released three years ago.

Are you excited for her comeback?

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