“SNL Korea” Swept Up In Controversy For Unintentionally Poking Fun At Actress With Breast Cancer

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“SNL Korea” has been swept up into another controversy.

On December 3, the latest episode of “SNL Korea” showed a parody segment of comedienne Jung Yi Rang imitating veteran actress Um Aing Ran. During the segment, Jung Yi Rang dressed up as Um Aing Ran and competed in a singing competition against MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, singing Baek Ji Young’s “Like Being Hit by a Bullet.” The minute the word “Chest” came out in the song, Jung Yi Rang imitated Um Aing Ran while saying, “Whenever the topic of chests comes up, I feel ashamed. I don’t have a chest to hold.” Upon hearing this, comedienne Ahn Young Mi replies as a joke, “Not having a chest. I can personally relate to that.”

However, after the segment, it was found that Um Aing Ran received a diagnosis for breast cancer at the beginning of this year, and underwent a major operation in removing her right breast. In response, many viewers began criticizing “SNL Korea” for seemingly degrading Um Aing Ran’s serious condition.

On December 4, a source from Jung Yi Rang’s agency stated, “Jung Yi Rang did not know that Um Aing Ran went through surgery due to breast cancer. Her segment unintentionally became a controversy. She is sorry to have caused trouble. Jung Yi Rang has sent an apology to Um Aing Ran.”

“SNL Korea” also stated, “Jung Yi Rang’s character is a combination of Um Aing Ran and Kim Young Ran, who created the anti-corruption act commonly known as the ‘Kim Young Ran law.’ Jung Yi Rang truly did not know Um Aing Ran’s personal situation and said an ad-lib to fit the content of the broadcast segment, which caused a misunderstanding.”

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Meanwhile, this is not the first controversy that “SNL Korea” has been involved with. The show has also received much criticism for its recent sexual assault controversy.

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