Daniel Henney Talks About The Difficulties Of Auditioning In Hollywood

2016-12-23 09:27:52 2016-12-23 09:27:52

On the December 23 episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” Daniel Henney revealed more about his L.A. lifestyle and the difficulties of working in Hollywood.

Daniel Henney I Live Alone

“Most people don’t know that I’ve been auditioning [in Hollywood] continuously since 2007,” he said on the show. “I’ve tried my hand at so many projects. There were some times when I almost made it but there were many more when I was in total despair. But I kept trying and eventually I succeeded.”

He continued, “I’m going to keep auditioning in the future. Now I find it fun.”

“I Live Alone” showcases the single life of celebrities who live alone and airs every Friday at 11:10 p.m. KST.

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