Park Ha Sun And Ryu Soo Young Announce Their Upcoming Marriage

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Wedding bells are ringing for another celebrity couple!

On January 6, sources from both Park Ha Sun and Ryu Soo Young’s respective agencies confirmed that the couple will be getting married at the end of January, after a little over two years of dating.

They previously worked together in the 2013 production “Two Weeks,” and began dating at the end of the following year.

Both actors took to their Instagram accounts to deliver the news and their thoughts as well.

Park Ha Sun first apologized that people had to find out through news reports before hearing it from her personally. She also clarified that her statement about wanting to get married at 34, -she’s currently 29 by Korean reckoning-, was made months ago, but the interview was just now published.

She explained that her work is precious to her, but she didn’t want to lose this special relationship either. The actress continued on and promised that she will continue to work hard and live life to its fullest, and stated that they will prepare for their marriage quietly as these are hard times.

주변분들께도, 그리고 이 곳에도 먼저 말씀 드리기 전에 기사로 소식을 전하게 되어 아쉽고 죄송합니다. 오늘 다른 기사도 있었고.. 그 기사는 혼술남녀 종영 직후 바로 인터뷰 했었는 데, 시기상 연말 특집기사로 나오게 되었네요.. 오해 될 부분이 있어, 정정도 해 주셨고.. 일도 소중하고, 이제 다시 시작이라고 생각하지만, 좋은 인연도 놓칠 수 없어 고심 끝에, 그리고 어려운 시기라 조용히, 천천히 준비 중이었습니다. 더 열심히 일하고, 살고, 더 좋은 모습을 보여드리는 게 여러분이 그동안 저에게 주신 사랑에 조금이나마 보답 할 수 있는 길이라 생각합니다. 좋은 배우, 좋은 사람, 좋은 부부가 되기 위해 더 열심히 노력하며 살겠습니다.

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Meanwhile, Ryu Soo Young posted a handwritten letter relaying many of the same sentiments as his fiancee. He also apologized that many found out through news reports, and hoped that everyone could understand.

The actor thanked everyone for their well-wishes regarding their marriage, and promised they would continue to improve themselves.


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Congratulations to the happy couple!

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